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What is the difference between a grille and a register?


What is the difference between a grille and a register?
A register is a complete unit with a cast iron louver attached to allow control over the flow of air. If you don't see an air register in the size you need simply combine a louver assembly and grille to create your own custom register.

    What do you mean when it says with holes or without holes?  
The reference to holes refers to the screw holes for mounting the grille. When installing into a wall or ceiling you need screw holes, while with a floor application it's your preference. Many customers use screw holes when installing on carpet because the carpet is often too thick and the lip of the grille doesn't catch in the opening. Other customers use screw holes to prevent children from lifting the grille out of the opening.
    If the inside measurement says 10"x 4" do I cut my hole 10"x 4"?  
    Yes. If the inside measurement on the grille you're looking at is listed as 10"x 4" you can cut your hole 10"x 4" and the lip will fit into your opening. For more information about measuring please see our "How to Measure" page.  
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