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Wood vents
  Flush mount floor registers
  Self rimming floor vents
  Baseboard diffusers
  Side wall vents
  Cold air return vents
  Louvered wall vents
  Wood air grills
  Egg crate wall vents
  Round air diffusers
  Metal dampers
  Round air diffusers
  Wood air diffusers are designed to direct airflow in one or two directions. They maybe used in either a supply or return air application and can be installed in ceilings or walls. It is a great option for filling your remodeling or building needs. Made of solid wood from domestic and exotic, these vents give warmth to your home. These wall mounted vents can be also used as speaker grilles, lighting grilles or for other decorative architectural applications.
air diffuser
    Custom sizes are available upon request.  
    Red oak, white oak  
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