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What is the advantage of using aluminum versus cast iron?


Aluminum grilles are most often used in wall or ceiling applications because they are lighter in weight. Aluminum grilles are also rustproof and therefore perform better in moist locations. Also due to their lighter gray color, Aluminum grilles are easier to paint to match the surrounding environment.

    Can the grilles be flush mounted into the floor?  
Yes. All cast iron, brass, aluminum and zinc grilles can be recessed into the floor but only during a new construction or modification of an existing hole. We recommend you wait to receive the grille then use it as its own template.
    Do you make custom sizes?  
We normally only make custom sizes in wood. It is possible to have custom sizes made in cast iron, aluminum, brass or zinc but it gets very expensive. In order to create a custom size, a pattern and a mold must be made for the grille to be cast into, which costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.
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