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What is a floor register?


Floor register is cover that is placed on the air duct opening in your house. This vent cover gives you full control of air flow in the room. It protects anyone from harm by closing the ventilation duct and not allowing them to unknowingly injure themselves. Floor Registers are also used to accent the design features of the room, like the hardwood floor, fireplace, bar, door knobs, etc.
Floor register air control allows for two functions. By pressing the lever on the floor register damper box you can open the shutters allowing for a greater amount of air to stream into the room. Thus if your furnace is generating hot air - you will warm up the room, and if your furnace is generating cold air - you will cool the room. By pressing the lever on the floor register damper box the other way, you will close the shutters and thus have an opposite effect on the room air flow.
Floor Register consists of two integral parts. The grille - is an outside part of the floor register and is used to mainly cover the hole; and the damper box - is an inside part of the floor register and is used to control the air flow through the ventilation duct. With the old design, damper box used to be glued onto the grill cover. The new design allows for the two parts to simply snap together. This provides the floor register with an added durability for the cases where the damper box is somehow disconnected from the grille. Anyone can simply reattach them back together.
Another component that comes separately to a floor register is an air filter. Room air filter allows for a cleaner air to pass through the damper box of the floor register. It reduces dust and thus greatly improves the air quality in the room and the house as a whole. The filter packs come in the sets of four and are easily changeable by anyone. The filters are made to simply snap on to the floor register damper box.

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